Welcome to Captain Billy’s Crab House located in Popes Creek, Maryland on the Potomac River. Back in the Days of mail boats and locomotives, when electricity was new to Popes Creek and work was just beginning on the Potomac River Bridge, nine-year-old Billy Robertson sold his first crab on this very shore. He spent his entire life here working on the water that he loved. He opened two successful restaurants, Robertson’s Crab House and later, Capt. Billy’s, where his greatest joy was to mingle with and talk to his customers. He would greet his friends, colleagues and customers in the same fashion, and to carry on his legacy, we say to you,


“And How are
          You Today?”



11495 Popes Creek Rd, Newburg, MD 20664 • (301) 932-4323 • crabs@captbillys.com


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